Company Information
Avaya is a global leader in innovative business communications systems for organizations of all sizes.  The company provides unified communications, contact centers, data solutions, and related services directly and through its channel partners to businesses and organizations around the world.  Businesses of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service, and competitiveness.

Product Differentiation
Avaya’s unique combination of communications applications, software, and services helps companies simplify complex communications and integrate with existing technologies from other vendors, enabling customers to unlock value and potential from their network. By embedding communications into the operations of an organization, Avaya helps improve the way organizations work, making people more productive, processes more intelligent, and customers more satisfied.

Partnership Advantages
Avaya recognizes the important role that its business partners play in bringing leading-edge communications solutions to global and local markets with first-hand knowledge of customers’ needs. In 2002, 2007 and 2013, CBTS earned Avaya’s Business Partner of the Year award. CBTS is a top ten largest Platinum Business Partner, the highest level of partnership Avaya offers. We have developed a deployment and maintenance model for Avaya systems that allows us to provide our customers with the best possible communication experience.

Business Advantages
Avaya is consistently recognized as a global leader by industry and technology experts, and has achieved worldwide leadership positions in the following:
  • No. 1 in Worldwide Unified Communications and Telephony Systems1
  • No. 1 in Worldwide Contact Center2
  • No. 1 in Worldwide Enterprise Messaging3
  • No. in Worldwide Audio Conferencing4
  • No. 1 in Worldwide Maintenance Services5
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