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Finding a Security Partner

Justin Hall

I’ve been with CBTS for quite a while - I’m currently on year twelve here - and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented security professionals in the region. We share much in common, work well together, and many have become close family friends. Most infosec folks tend to have a little oddness in them, and I personally think it helps bond us together.

Recently I spoke to WVXU about protecting businesses from security threats. Along with me in that conversation was Tony Hudson, lead incident responder at Morphick. Tony is one of those professionals I’m proud to call a close friend, and it’s exciting to see his company thriving.

I am proud that many of our customers have become rather close, as well. Over the years our security services team has been considered a partner by many of those customers, and it’s an honor that we do not take lightly! Sometimes those customers will email me with a one-off question about best practices or a specific technology or product. In some cases we end up being their preferred third-party assessment team. As years go by, we are able to illustrate their progress in improving their security posture in a way nobody else could.

Being a partner means more than just getting repeat business. To us, it means:
  • Trust. We tend to know more about our customers’ internal operations than any third party - sometimes more than even some employees - as we perform assessments of their practices and processes. Our customers know that we will handle that information with caution and protect it like it was our own.
  • Commitment. We work with customers in good times and bad - when all is quiet and peaceful, and when they’ve been breached and need guidance and help immediately. Whatever the state of things, we make a commitment to be there and ready to assist.
  • Empathy. We understand that no organization is perfect and has perfect security. We don’t come to customers expecting they will fix everything tomorrow - instead, we see security as a journey, not a destination. We come to customers where they are and help them over time to where they could be.
  • Honesty. Every once in a while a customer requests that we “fudge” our reports to make them look better than they are. We know that such behavior wouldn’t actually help them and would ultimately make both their company and our practice weaker. We stick to the truth - with plenty of recommendations to help the customer move to their desired state the right way.
We’re extremely strong in the region and as a result are proud to be a part of its fabric, and to be considered a partner by so many successful organizations.
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