NaaS Raises Grades for Wireless Education

Paul Williams

The advent of cloud-based services has brought a number of advantages to enterprise, most notably cost savings, flexible networking with high scalability, and the ability to operate core business functions while off-premise IT experts manage technical infrastructure. Today, these same benefits are available to smaller businesses — and educational institutions.

Because online learning, including video and other rich-media content, is commonplace in the educational world, students expect to be able to connect easily to classes, regardless of their location or the time of day. This places the onus on schools to provide this level of service without costly capital expenditures and the need to hire a large IT staff. Enter NaaS.

Network as a Service Meets the Growing Demands of Students
Because of the emerging wireless educational standards in many school districts, students want speedy access to their course materials from desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Their parents also expect a secure, reliable connection at home or from practically any other location when needed.
CBB's Network as a Service (NaaS) easily meets the needs of the modern educational institution providing online learning to students. Based on SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) technology, NaaS offers superior performance when transmitting a wide variety of content, including HD video, software applications, voice, and data. NaaS's scalability, reliability, and security all rank at the top of the IT industry.

Simplified Management of Network Infrastructure
Using a state-of-the-art software dashboard from a central location, SD-WAN facilitates full infrastructure management for every school in a district. Additionally, this network administration role can be offloaded easily to trusted partners at CBB. This enables any educational organization to concentrate on online learning instead of managing a data center and the associated wireless network infrastructure.

Easy Scalability to Support Growing School Districts
As a school district grows and adds new students and buildings, NaaS seamlessly scales to match without impacting current usage. The same rule applies as educational content evolves to include more bandwidth-intensive video and media-rich interactivity. More importantly, any NaaS system offers easy expandability while keeping capital expenditures to an absolute minimum.

An educational institution that's responsible for meeting the demands of a highly connected student body needs to explore NaaS from CBB. Having an experienced team seamlessly manage network infrastructure lets schools refocus their efforts on the educational process. CBB's industry-leading security, reliability, and scalability offer organizations maximized benefits at minimal costs.
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