Why CBTS chose SD-WAN from VeloCloud

Justin Rice

SD-WAN is quickly becoming a crowded marketplace with multiple vendors offering the solution. SD-WAN can benefit a wide range of businesses, but it’s important to understand that not all SD-WAN products are the same.
CBTS partnered with VeloCloud to offer SD-WAN following a rigorous review, interview, and testing process that vetted SD-WAN solutions from multiple vendors. The goal was to identify a best-in-class SD-WAN solution that will support our customers’ mission-critical applications today and into the future.
VeloCloud clearly differentiated itself from the competition in these key areas of the test.
  • CBTS evaluated each vendor’s ability to identify real-time network traffic (Voice/Video), make dynamic decisions on which available Wide Area Network path to use for such traffic, and perform dynamic path changes in real time without breaking the connection and with as little degradation of quality as possible. This is a critical test when evaluating vendors in the SD-WANscape (pun intended). This test separates vendors that can move traffic from one connection to the other in a blackout situation (total outage) vs. a brownout situation (errors in the internet path to the application). VeloCloud performed this test flawlessly, without any degradation of service.
  • CBTS evaluated each vendor’s ability to monitor two Wide Area Network connections and, in the event of degraded service on both, simultaneously use both connections for a single session to provide the highest quality of experience available. CBTS continuously increased packet loss, latency, and jitter with a custom application until the call was no longer usable. This is where VeloCloud’s proprietary technology sets itself apart. VeloCloud steers traffic over multiple connections on a per-packet basis, versus session-based traffic steering that many other providers use.
That means VeloCloud is constantly monitoring the health of multiple network connections, to multiple internet gateways, and at a per-packet level, ensuring traffic is going over the healthiest, most optimized path.
VeloCloud also can duplicate packets over both links and reassemble them in the correct order by sequence while discarding duplicates. This allows VeloCloud to withstand severe degradation of service and maintain top quality of real-time applications. In this test specifically, CBTS was able to have a usable phone call at 40 percent packet loss.
  • CBTS evaluated each vendor’s ability to enhance Internet-bound applications. CBTS again continuously increased packet loss, latency, and jitter until the call no longer became usable. Organizations are moving to the cloud at a rapid rate. They’re moving compute to the cloud via AWS and Azure. They’re moving storage to the cloud, voice to the cloud, and SaaS to the cloud. And those are just a few examples.
When evaluating SD-WAN vendors, CBTS had to ensure this new technology would support our customers’ desired business outcomes. VeloCloud has a series of internet gateways that sit in front of these applications, which allows our customers to enjoy an enhanced Quality of Experience end-to-end, all while being managed in the cloud.  
These three tests are relevant to many CBTS customers for two reasons. First, voice is a critical application across many businesses that directly equate phone calls with revenue opportunities. Second, many of our SMB customers are single-site locations that will benefit from faster internet access to key Software as a Service applications.
Our testing demonstrated the value SD-WAN from VeloCloud brings to customers, whether they are a single-site local business, or a multi-site business with locations across the country.
Customers are at the center of every CBTS decision, which is why we’ve implemented such rigorous testing methods. CBTS is committed to giving your business the best solutions to help you grow.
To learn more about SD-WAN from VeloCloud, please contact me at justin.rice@cbts.net or go to www.cbts.net.
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