Infrastructure as a Service Case Study

A reliable, on-demand virtual environment that enhances the ordering system

This client has become the leader in the “Fast-Casual Pizza” business with $166 million in annual sales and 153 units in seven states. Additionally, this pizza chain operates more than 100 “take and bake” kiosks in grocery stores and offers products at 18 entertainment and sports venues.   

Business Issue:
The company was constantly trying to improve its pizza-ordering system.  Their ordering process is a strategic area of focus for the company. With web and mobile now available as pizza ordering options, the company wanted to reinforce and enhance their infrastructure to make it even easier to order online.
They approached CBTS to replace their current web hosting provider and address several business challenges: 
  • Reduce/eliminate system outages
  • Make IT service costs more predictable
  • Provide strong IT support for the pizza chain’s planned strategic expansion
  • Deliver end-to-end infrastructure support 
Timing of transitioning web-hosting services was critical. The client had immediate concerns about their current provider’s stability and needed to avoid potential website shut down. 

CBTS Solution:
The pizza chain selected CBTS, and our team went to work right away to help with our client’s immediate needs. CBTS Managed Services specialists, engineers, technical services, and operations individuals collaborated with the client’s IT team to provide the framework necessary to support the initiatives.  

Within 10 days, CBTS provided:
  • Web hosting service as part of the CBTS IaaS solution 
  • Internet access at all store locations through VPN tunnels
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management of firewalls, servers, VDOMs, and VPNs

The pizza chain was very happy with the results of their work with CBTS, which included:
  • Savings of 33% with no reduction in services
  • Improved delivery of services
  • End-to-end services/support from one vendor offering a dedicated and experienced sales and support team
  • Predictable operational costs
  • Flexibility to meet their current and future IT demands
Since the deployment of the IaaS solution, the client has engaged CBTS for additional services, including:
  • CBT eVolve IPVPN solution for headquarters and franchise store operations 
  • Avaya phone support 
  • Hosting of back office applications