Managed VoIP and Video

Managed services that maximize customer’s existing environment and allow for future growth

Client: A Large Multi-State Health Network
This client is the largest health system in Ohio and the fourth largest employer in Ohio. With $5.6 billion in assets, this health system employs more than 33,000 employees in more than 100 organizations – including 23 hospitals – that meet the healthcare needs of people in Ohio, Kentucky, and contiguous states.

Customer Challenge:
Our client’s explosive growth over the past few years, coupled with the changing requirements of healthcare reform, has fueled a large number of IT initiatives. Their IT staff needed to focus on some of the mission-critical projects in front of them, but also had to manage the daily IT operational needs of the business. They needed to figure out a way to manage such a heavy workload most effectively.

The health network also faced an added challenge of managing disparate legacy telephony equipment in their different hospital locations. Their long-range goal was to upgrade to a single Voice over IP (VoIP) system for all of their locations. They selected Cisco as their platform vendor for the future, but the migration to new Cisco equipment would happen gradually over time. As a result, they needed a strong Cisco partner who also had the expertise to support their legacy equipment until it was retired.

CBTS Solution:
CBTS has always maintained a good partnership with this leading health system, and had just completed a VoIP upgrade for a subsidiary Health System based in Cincinnati, Ohio. This cutover had so impressed them that they asked CBTS to expand its voice-related responsibilities for all of their hospitals and practices across Ohio and Kentucky. 

As the two organizations talked about their long-range plans to move to a Cisco system, CBTS suggested that they look into Cisco’s teleconferencing technology. The adoption of teleconferencing would improve collaboration among their large hospitals, improve the job satisfaction among those who frequently traveled, and reduce their organization’s overall travel expenditures for regional meetings and conferences. The use of teleconferencing really appealed to the organization. 

After consulting with CBTS, our client decided to move forward with several of CBTS’ recommended solutions:
  • Monitoring and management of the organization’s telephony network:  CBTS Managed Services group manages and monitors our client’s entire telephony network from our Enterprise Network Operations Center (ENOC), providing immediate response to any alarms within the system. CBTS provides telephony support for over 100 locations, including IVRs and PBX programming, which enables our client’s IT staff to focus on their key priorities. CBTS trains users and solves any operational issues that may surface. Utilizing CBTS Managed Services allows the health network to remain very nimble as the needs of the business change. In addition, they never have to worry about training or turnover among the staff supporting their voice network – they always have top-notch staff in place, trained on the latest technologies.
  • Support staff:  At any given time CBTS has 40-60 full time staff in place supporting our client’s voice initiatives. From help desk support all the way to complex VMware work, CBTS is able to fully satisfy their needs. As special projects come up, the health network also relies on up to 15 of CBTS expert project managers who are well versed in the health system’s IT environment. 
  • Managing legacy voice equipment and upgrading to Cisco equipment:  CBTS manages the existing legacy voice equipment from Nortel, Avaya, and NEC. As the health network chooses to upgrade to Cisco VoIP equipment at each location, CBTS takes care of the migration on their behalf. 
  • Implementing teleconferencing. When CBTS began supporting the telephony network, we also designed and implemented a Cisco Telepresence solution to enable the health system to conduct teleconferences across their acute care facilities. Initially, 50 units were deployed. They was so pleased with the initial Telepresence system and its high end video resolution that by the end of 2013, they expanded the program and continue adding new units at additional facilities.  
By working jointly with our client’s staff, CBTS designed and built a unique solution that maximized their existing environment and allowed for growth. They are now able to use their resources to focus on enhancing patient care, expand their presence in the Midwest, and implement the Affordable Care Act. Because of the consulting approach and willingness to listen and understand our customer’s challenges, CBTS has become a proven partner.