Network Solution based on Juniper Technology

Reduce operational costs and management complexity

The client is a global diversified manufacturing enterprise that manufactures and sells premium business-to-business products and services for a wide variety of industries. The Batesville, Indiana-based company focuses on creating profitable growth and meaningful returns for its shareholders. It does this through leading brands, robust cash generation, lean operations and strategic acquisitions and business initiatives.
This client turned to Juniper Elite Partner CBTS to design and implement a new network solution that maximizes uptime for critical networks while saving the company time and money.  

Business Issue:
In 2008, the client was spun off from its parent company and has diversified by acquiring other companies in similar industries, particularly manufacturing and materials processing. Its process equipment group is a recognized leader in the design, production, marketing and servicing of equipment and systems used in processing applications for a wide range of industrial markets.
In establishing this new expanded company, the client’s Network Architect and his team were challenged with designing and deploying a completely new network infrastructure, along with the critical task of maintaining business continuity through the transition. 

The company was faced with one known separation and an unknown number of integrations. They needed to set the groundwork for future expansions. With 82 locations throughout North America, including 60 warehouses with limited IT support, the company’s IT team approached the opportunity in “a fresh way.” They researched extensively to find a network solution provider that could design and implement a new end-to-end network that would reach all of its widely spread locations, and provide consistency and ease of management, while reducing operational expenses.

In essence, they were replacing an eight-year-old network with a complete equipment refresh and needed a reliable network technology provider, combined with exceptional support. The company began an extensive evaluation process for the project, including a complete RFP (request for proposal) from multiple networking vendors. 

The key points were ease of use and excellent value for the money, along with mitigating risk, since the installation would be so widespread. After considering several strong responses, the client’s IT team selected Juniper Networks and Juniper Elite Partner CBTS to deliver the entire network infrastructure. 

As an Elite Partner, CBTS provides carrier-class, cloud-based data centers built on simple, agile and secure Juniper networks. “Through our partnership with Juniper, we are able to deliver better experiences for users with superior economics, applications performance and scale,” said Dereck Rutter, Senior Account Manager of CBTS. “Our goal is to give our customer organizations the confidence to adopt new products, technologies and services for the best possible business efficiency.”

CBTS Solution:
CBTS designed and implemented a Juniper Networks solution for the client that delivers true carrier-class reliability at scale to maximize uptime for the company’s critical networks. Juniper Networks EX Series switches leverage the same field-proven Juniper technology – including high-performance ASICs, a carrier-class system architecture and Juniper Networks JUNOS Software – that powers the world’s largest service provider networks.  

By implementing Juniper’s unique Virtual Chassis® technology, CBTS delivered to the company the ability to operate and manage multiple interconnected devices as a single, logical device. This reduces operational expenses and eliminates the need for protocols such as Spanning Tree.  The client also needed economical yet high network availability to its more remote locations, where installations typically were cost prohibitive or physically impossible. CBTS accomplished this with Virtual Chassis technology, combining the scalability and compact form factor of standalone switches with the high availability and port densities of traditional chassis-based switches. 

The client’s IT team runs “lean and mean,” with limited staff for the company’s multiple locations, making ease of management a critical component of the solution. 

“Since all of the Juniper platforms run on the same JUNOS software, the solution guarantees network-wide consistency of features and the benefits of a shared operational environment,” explained Rutter. “We are very confident that this Juniper solution will meet all of our client’s needs today and as it grows.”
In addition to designing and implementing the Juniper Networks solution, CBTS provided training services to the client’s IT staff, enabling them to maintain the network themselves.

“CBTS provided invaluable support, both before and after the implementation of the Juniper Network solution,” said the client’s Network Architect. “The CBTS team’s excellent management of the entire process, from beginning to end, made the enormous task of moving to this new network infrastructure very painless. Business continuity was maintained throughout the process, which was really key for us.”

Products Used:
The Juniper solution designed and implemented by CBTS covered everything from the core and closet switches to firewalls. After consulting with CBTS, the client chose Juniper Networks® EX Series Ethernet switches for the flexibility they provide to scale up and down in size, while effectively controlling operational costs. Juniper’s pedigree in the carrier space was also a big factor.

Leveraging the innovations of the Juniper EX Series Ethernet switches, CBTS and the client successfully deployed a brand-new network infrastructure that reduced cost and complexity. Its unified management and automation tools consolidated system monitoring and maintenance to save the company both time and money.
 As the client moved through the installation and deployment, they have come to love Juniper’s management interfaces. The single, open interface makes it easy for them to recruit and train personnel.

The client continues to make strategic acquisitions for corporate growth. Its small IT team has been able to support this growth while maintaining the exceptional service level they always strive to deliver.

 This Juniper solution helps the client stay lean and mean by strongly positioning its data center and network infrastructure for flexibility and growth. Implemented with the help of CBTS, this solution allows the client to scale both upwards as it grows its data center operations and network, and downward into small computer rooms of its future acquisitions.