Optical Networking and SIP Solutions

End-to-end technology solutions for a large regional financial institution

Client: A Regional Financial Institution
The client is a large regional financial institution that operates as a diversified financial services company.  The financial institution has $113 billion in assets, operates 16 affiliates with 1,309 full-service banking centers, including 103 Bank Mart locations open seven days a week inside select grocery stores, and 2,358 ATMs in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia and North Carolina. 

Business Issue 1:  
The client’s network was initially built in 2004, which consisted of 16 connections. It became insufficient for the company’s bandwidth needs, which grew from 16 to 64 connections by 2008. 

Timing of the upgrade was critical because of the client’s peak holiday season transactions. Network failure during this period could potentially impact more than 10,000 transactions each second for the company.

As the leading regional provider of network equipment and managed services, CBTS was engaged to provide a customized optical network solution.

CBTS Solution: Optical Networking
CBTS assembled a team of best-of-breed engineers to design and deploy a custom optical networking solution. It was fully operating within eight weeks of equipment delivery, meeting the client’s timeframe requirement.

Business Issue 2:
The client’s growth in both the number of locations and the types of banking services, created an increased need for new and updated technology at the client’s main offices and branches. Changes in the financial industry, coupled with new federal mandates for legal compliance led the client to partner with CBTS on the SIP project.

CBTS Solution: SIP Implementation
Implementation of SIP required a true partnership among CBTS personnel and the client’s internal staff, as well as vendors that provided the SIP circuits, desktops and help desk.  The CBTS team manipulated critical survey data to create a process to determine location, upgrades, and scheduling priorities.  Coordination of data from all IT providers involved in the project proved critical and resulted in the creation of up to 30 daily reports used to order directly, schedule installations, and track progress.

CBTS successfully installed a converged voice and data solution, which includes phasing out the old voice architecture and replacing it with VoIP.  The VoIP infrastructure, including new circuits and routers, telephony servers, transcoders, and configuration supports the client’s 1200 existing branch locations. To support the implementation, CBTS deployed certified VoIP experts and project-specific staff, which included:
  • Program Manager
  • Data Coordinator
  • Firewall Engineer
  • VoIP Project Manager
  • VoIP Engineer
  • VoIP Deployment Engineer
  • VoIP Design Engineer
Within 30 months, CBTS rolled out the VoIP solution to 1,500 new branches and internal groups at the client’s sites. More than 33,000 handsets have been transitioned to VoIP.  The solution employed a VoIP Server – eight Call Manager servers, and one Unity Server. Three hundred customer sites utilized the Auto Attendant application.

CBTS’ successful implementation of this SIP project saved the client $9 million.

The CBTS team’s mindset to understand the client’s technology challenges and consistently find a way to satisfy the client’s needs has made CBTS a strategic partner with the client. CBTS has also helped the client find qualified technical resources for some of its short- and long-term projects. These resources include: 
  • Windows Administrator
  • Senior Network Security Engineer
  • z/OS Systems Programmer
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Engineer II
  • Active Directory Engineer 
  • QA Lead
  • DB2 Analyst
  • HR Business Analyst
  • Unix Security Analyst