Storage as a Service

Eliminate capital expenditure and scale as storage needs change

This is a Fortune 50 company that provides technology, media and financial products and services worldwide. It serves clients in more than 100 countries and employs more than 320,000 people.

Business Issue:
Due to the size of the company, it was extremely challenging to launch and implement new technologies in their environment. They were purchasing storage in a traditional way that required each division/department to forecast all projects and storage needs for those projects. They would then purchase all the required storage on day one. This strategy created the following challenges:
  • Capital was spent upfront on storage anticipated for the next 36-48 months. Funds tied up in storage purchase might not be used for several months and in some cases not used at all. This was consuming financial resources for other critical initiatives.
  • Forecasting storage was not easy because the internal business departments didn’t have an accurate forecast process and couldn’t predict future storage demands. Therefore, they were not able to accurately communicate these needs to IT. This resulted in either buying extra storage for future projects or not being able to provide storage for the projects in a timely fashion.
  • Cost of each additional GB of storage was excessive in the third or fourth year after the implementation since the system was only under the maintenance contract for 12 months.
  • The client’s IT staff was busy with day-to-day run and break/fix of the storage infrastructure, leaving them little time for projects that could bring higher value to the business.
CBTS Solution:
CBTS provided the client with a fully managed utility storage solution. The scalable platforms in a premier data center provided instant, on-demand, and cost-effective access to storage capacity. This solution also offered a robust and reliable environment to store their mission-critical data, with a backup and disaster recovery option to guarantee business continuity.

CBTS’ certified storage engineers provide monitoring and management of the storage infrastructure through our world-class Enterprise Network Operations Center (ENOC). The services include:
  • All day to day run and break/fix services
  • Capacity reports that analyze the historical storage usage 
  • Performance reporting
  • Management of reserve capacity when needed
  • All capacity additions per SLA
The client now has a fully scalable, on-demand, and cost-effective storage infrastructure, with the following benefits:
  • Eliminates spending capital on day one for all future storage needs, freeing up financial resources for other critical business initiatives
  • Storage deployed as needed on a per GB monthly utility basis, adding agility and cost-effectiveness to the business operation
  • Storage turned off when the demand goes down, saving on storage cost, rack/power/floor space
  • Allows internal IT to focus on more mission-critical projects