Strategic staffing solution (Great American Insurance Group)

A flexible staffing strategy for short- and long-term IT projects

Client: Great American Insurance Group (GAIG)
Great American Insurance Group (GAIG), owned by American Financial group, is engaged primarily in specialty property and casualty insurance businesses, and the sale of retirement annuities, life and supplemental health insurance products.  

Business Issue:
Due to GAIC’s unique insurance processing requirements within their revenue model, they are always looking for additional project management and application development assistance from outside firms. GAIC firmly believes that outsourcing is a critical component of their strategic IT model, and they continue to leverage this model to complete critical internal projects necessary to stay competitive and support their consumer and business intensive solution sets.

CBTS Solution:
The relationship between CBTS and GAIC was based primarily on hardware/software procurement and short-term professional services engagements until CBTS approached GAIC about our strategic staffing practice where the customer could leverage both short-term project resources as well as long-term staff augmentation specialists.

After better understanding some of GAIC’s specific project needs, CBTS has been able to positively address their requirements, including budgetary concerns, by immediately fulfilling their need for additional application development. CBTS has also been able to bring Java programmer candidates, on both a contract and contract-to-hire basis, to GAIC to assist in an ongoing financial application implementation. While delivering a cost-effective outsourcing pricing model, CBTS continues to understand GAIC’s business model and operation, and improve the strategic partnership.