TeleMedicine Solution

Enhance productivity, patient care and collaboration while lowering costs

A large healthcare organization with a network of hospitals and physicians offices in seven regions across several states

Business issue:
Company executives were spending an inordinate amount of time traveling between regional headquarters and the corporate office to participate in meetings, resulting in lost time and productivity.

CBTS recommended Cisco’s TelePresence, which allows executives to participate in face-to-face meetings in HD without leaving their offices.  CBTS asserted that implementing TelePresence would reduce the company’s travel expense, enhance productivity and increase employee quality of life by allowing them to spend more time with their families.  Based on that discussion, the company agreed to participate in a trial of the TelePresence system.

Solution provided by CBTS:
CBTS worked with Cisco to provide two trial 1300 series units that were placed at the corporate headquarters and a regional hospital.  After using the units for two weeks, the CIO was so impressed with the simplicity and enhanced productivity derived from not having to travel that she made the decision to purchase units for eight locations that included their headquarters, their data center and six regional hospitals.

To implement the solution, CBTS provided a project manager to oversee the installation of the units over a two-week period. First, an engineer visited each location to conduct a network path assessment. A router was connected to the network to determine its quality of service, and if the speed of the network would handle the traffic needed for TelePresence.  Once it was determined that the network could handle the data, a room readiness assessment was conducted to fully understand the layout, lighting and acoustics.  Once the assessment was completed, the engineer suggested the best placement within the room to eliminate glare, and decided if re-wiring was needed.  The customer performed all required electric and re-cabling.
It took one day to install the system and then a day to provide training using a “train the trainer” methodology at each site. CBTS provided training guides as well.

Today, the eight TelePresence units are being fully utilized.   The TelePresence Systems, which were originally brought in for top executives to use, are now also used by VPs and managers to collaborate between regions.   The company is investigating additional desk models as well to take advantage of Cisco’s wide array of video conferencing units.