Telephony Consolidation

A telephony solution that aligns with the customer’s business and technology strategies

As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centers/networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications. 

Business Issue:
Schneider Electric’s Corporate IT office, located in Florence Kentucky, supports 100 sales offices across the U.S.  Three years ago, each office operated as a separate entity with its own phone system and there was no consistency between manufacturer systems or applications being used.  The Florence site had successfully implemented a call center, which they wanted to share with the entire sales organization to reduce operating costs and enhance customer satisfaction.  Before they could centralize the call center, they needed to migrate all 100 offices to a common communications platform.

CBTS Solution:
After performing a VoIP assessment across all 100 offices, CBTS offered a solution to update the existing system located in Florence.   The site had an older Avaya Definity, with an Intuity messaging system.   The Definity was upgraded to an Avaya Communication Manager and the Intuity was upgraded to Avaya Modular Messaging.  With this system in place, the sales offices could tie into the core system through an LSP gateway. This consolidated and extended the core environment, reducing ownership costs, simplifying the infrastructure and allowing the Florence call center operations to adapt to sales needs.  All incoming calls are routed to agents in Florence, making the sales organization more productive and customers more likely to remain with Schneider Electric because of the superior service they receive.

The 100 sites were tied to the core system through the use of a consistent methodology over a period of three years.  CBTS managed the project and deployed each site until Schneider Electric understood the process to where they could manage it themselves.  Efficiencies gained with the implementation include:
•    A common communication platform for the sharing of long distance, 5-digit dialing between offices and a common voice mail platform.
  • A 24 hour call center across the network allowing agents to understand exactly where the call is coming from, providing a more consistent presence to customers.  New reporting tools provide information on all calls, such as time to answer and how many calls are missed, allowing for appropriate staffing levels.
  • Employees previously answering calls in each office were redeployed to focus on customers and other areas of the business.
  • The consistent methodology used to tie each office into the core system, allowed Schneider Electric to understand the technology and costs needed to complete each deployment.
  • Savings from reduced operating costs allowed each office to purchase additional bandwidth, allowing them to expand other applications.
  • As the equipment is leased, there is an upgrade plan after a term comes due.   Leasing keeps Schneider Electric current on technology and allows them to manage to a monthly spend.
Products/Services Used:
  • Avaya Communications Manager
  • Avaya Modular Messaging
  • CMS
  • Interaction Center
CBTS Employees Deployed on the Project:
A sales engineer designed the entire telephony solution.  Two project managers managed the deployment of the sales offices until Schneider Electric was confident they could manage it themselves.   A Software Specialist programmed each office to communicate with the Avaya Communications Manager in Florence.

As a result of the successful implementation, CBTS has expanded voice solutions into other areas of the business such as Schneider Electric’s U.S. manufacturing plants and U.S. corporate facilities in Palatine, Illinois.

“We continue to use CBTS throughout the life cycle of our Avaya equipment. It is refreshing to have a partner that understands our business and can assist with changes and upgrades without my team having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ each time we need to change our telephone systems. I can engage CBTS directly with our business managers and be confident that the solution will be in line with our business and technology strategies,” says Mike Wayman, Americas Telecommunications Manager, Schneider Electric.