Avaya Collaboration Pod for Enterprise Communications

Avaya Collaboration Pod is an integrated system solution that delivers more than 50% in savings over traditional and DIY deployment models.

Corporate IT organizations are under constant pressure to do more with less and to stretch their resources to achieve greater efficiencies. Server virtualization is a recent example of how IT has leveraged a new technology that led to huge efficiencies in the data center – increasing agility, consolidating workloads, and lowering operational costs. However, the full potential of virtualization is only realized if coordinated across the underlying compute, server, and networking technologies within the data center.

A converged or “full stack” solution can help realize this potential and is another recent innovation further aiding IT in their quest for greater efficiency. A disarmingly simple concept combining sophisticated engineering under the hood, a converged system solution pre-packages and integrates all components of the stack – compute/servers, virtualized applications, data storage, networking, and the management software. This approach “right sizes” and optimizes the required technologies.