CBTS Threat Intelligence

CBTS Threat Intelligence – An Operational Overview

If there’s one thing in which the security community is exceedingly proficient, it’s in pushing forward new buzzwords. Security Intelligence is the latest. Spend any time reading vendor blogs or magazines targeted at CISOs and you’ll hear about this “must-have resource” that will “transform your security program.” Unfortunately few truly understand what security intelligence means and how it might be incorporated into an organization’s systems and data protection strategy.
We think of security intelligence as information that contributes to the security posture of an organization. At its core, we are talking about data. It is also necessary to consider the processes by which an organization acquires this data, uses it, and shares it. This paper focuses on the idea of threat intelligence in the broad discussion of security intelligence. Threat intelligence is information about the human and machine-based attacks and attackers that could adversely impact an organization.