Dell’s High Performance SQL Server with Storage Center

High Performance SQL Server with Storage Center 6.4 All Flash Array

Online transaction processing (OLTP) systems, often referred to as transactional systems, are designed to process small, quick, interactive workloads where users expect a fast response time. These applications are optimal for managing rapidly changing data and typically have many users performing transactions, while at the same time changing real-time data. Although individual data requests by users usually reference few records, many of these requests are being made at the same time. 

These systems are at the core of business operations, and their design and development become more challenging with large volumes of data, users, and transactions rates. Moreover, the demand for greater I/O performance is driven by new applications such as virtualization and cloud computing. As increased data load requirements continue to outpace traditional storage I/O technology, businesses are challenged with how to accelerate performance to meet the new increased transactional processing workloads. The emergence of flash storage technology offers much faster I/O performance.