Call Recording

Meet compliance and expand customer intelligence

CBTS Hosted Call Recording application complements our VoIP services to enable call recording for call center needs, regulatory compliance or corporate liability protection. Call recording can also be implemented to expand customer intelligence by using analytics to quickly recognize customer trends and identify customer issues. As a cloud service, it eliminates capital expenditures, reduces operational costs and can be deployed in minutes.

Our call recording product suite offers three different service options:

  • “Record It Now” – ad-hoc, on-demand recording invoked by the end user on a call-by-call basis
  • “Smart Record” – regular and continuous recording of calls as part of the business practice
  • “Smart Record Pro” – regular and continuous call recording as part of a contact center environment for quality monitoring, training and coaching of call center agents  

Key Features and Benefits

Speech analytics

Phonetic-based search function to improve your search, target particular groups of calls and increase overall operational efficiency

Alerts and notification

System alerts when certain conditions are met so you can make necessary changes to policy or procedure

Rich features

Dashboard, call monitor, playback, search, reporting and more

Security and protection through compliance

PCI-DSS, ISO 9001, FCA, MiFID, Dodd Frank, HIPAA, SAS-70, and other regulations

Improved customer satisfaction

Staff performance evaluation and training based on recorded intelligence

Quick dispute resolution

Accurate records of customer instructions, playback, forward, and CRM integration functionalities

Improved productivity

Visibility for managers and employees, and support for mobile workers and streamlined business process

Reduced capital expenditure

Monthly utility charge with no need for upfront capital outlay on equipment

What I like about CBTS is they are big enough to support our North American operations, but still small enough to call a VP or CEO if I need something.
Mike Wayman, Telecom Manager, Schneider Electric