Backup as a Service

A cloud backup solution that scales with your backup and recovery needs

CBTS Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a scalable backup solution that allows your business to eliminate capital outlay and ongoing equipment management with SLA-based services. It is flexible to your environment and on demand for your business’ changing backup and recovery needs.

This fully managed backup solution includes data center, hardware, software, monitoring and support in one monthly bill. It adopts powerful, disk-based data de-duplication technologies to avoid replicating data previously copied, reducing the overall backup data footprint and costs.

CBTS offers two options based on your business’ data backup and recovery needs:

Mid-sized enterprises and branch offices can choose to install a backup software agent on each server that performs scheduled backups over the Internet to a CBTS data center. There is no need to purchase or install additional hardware. The agents enable the transmission of data across the existing network to a CBTS data center or disaster recovery site. This solution eliminates the need for local tape backups and the risk associated with offsite tape shipments.

For larger enterprises, CBTS offers a backup solution with faster recovery and the highest possible performance. This service utilizes a dedicated backup appliance installed at the customer’s site and billed monthly as a utility service. The hosted backup infrastructure in a CBTS data center is used for off-site replication and quick disaster recovery. 

Key Features and Benefits

Monthly utility fee

The utility backup service model eliminates capital outlay on backup equipment and allows you to pay a monthly fee for equipment, maintenance, and management services.

Lower TCO

Less backup hardware and software upgrades and maintenance lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Reduced operational costs

The core de-duplication technology means less data to replicate, less disks and less LAN/WAN bandwidth requirements, translating to operational cost savings.

Improved operational efficiencies

Shorter backup and recovery windows, reduced storage requirements and single-step recovery.

Fully hosted and managed system

24/7 support by our highly trained backup engineers.

One big value of CBTS is their knowledge about us. They understand our business and what our key initiatives are, what we are trying to do. They come back with customized solutions to the problem we are trying to solve.

Steve Hamilton, VP of IT Operations, Western & Southern Financial Group