Ethernet Services

High-speed network with local support to connect your business locations

CBTS Metro Ethernet Services provide the most robust and fully diverse Ethernet-based services to connect business locations in the Greater Cincinnati and regional markets.  A market leader in Ethernet technologies, CBTS offers MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) certified services.
Our wide range of Ethernet network services includes EPL, E-line, E-LAN and VPLS with throughput up to 10 Gb. We offer network management and performance reporting at the customer’s enterprise edge via CBTS-provided gateway on customer premises. The fully redundant core architecture assures secure and reliable distribution of private business content. Simultaneous distribution of disparate business content is made possible through QoS queuing to ensure the quality of highly time-sensitive applications. 

Key Features and Benefits

Experience and highest quality

As an Ethernet service provider for 20 years, CBTS provides the most experience and highest quality of sales, design and service support in the marketplace.

Highly fortified architecture

CBTS Ethernet networking solutions reach the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky business communities across a highly fortified routed and switched architecture, which is distributed over 5000+ route miles of fiber.

Most reliable network availability

Self-healing network core and distribution layer engineering offer the most reliable network availability metric in the marketplace at 99.999%+ over the past six years.

Integrated core services

The Ethernet network has been fully integrated into our other core services as the preferred access method, including CBTS Internet, regional IP VPN, Virtual Data Center (VDC) and VoIP.

It is refreshing to have a partner that understands our business and can assist with changes and upgrades without my team having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ each time we need to change our telephone systems.

Mike Wayman, Telecom Manager, Schneider Electric