Infrastructure Hardware

Hardware solutions that deliver excellent value and service support

Since 1994, CBTS has been providing businesses and organizations with a single-source for IT and communications hardware and software. What differentiates us as a technology solution provider is our value-added services, including designing, procuring, building, and running your entire infrastructure. CBTS takes a vendor-agnostic approach to ensure that the infrastructure solution we provide fits your business requirements and growth needs. 

We have built strategic partnerships with leading technology manufacturers. These partnerships and our numerous prestigious vendor certifications enable us to provide expertise in their products and excellent service support. 

Infrastructure Hardware Products

  • Communications Infrastructure

    CBTS can help design, procure, and implement a world-class VoIP, video and call center infrastructure, using technologies from leading manufacturers, including Avaya and Cisco.

  • Networking Infrastructure

    CBTS networking hardware solution enables businesses to meet the requirements of BYOD, big data, security, virtualization, and cloud computing.

  • Converged Infrastructure

    CBTS provides integrated compute, storage, network, and virtualization solutions by leveraging relationships and expertise with all of the major compute and storage vendors.

  • Security Infrastructure

    CBTS leverages its strategic partnerships with all leading security and network technology manufacturers to provide our customers with the most comprehensive security technology portfolio.

  • Virtualization

    Virtualization creates a virtual version of a server, a storage device, a desktop environment, or other network and computing resources, allowing customers to use their resources more efficiently.

  • Storage Infrastructure

    CBTS takes the burden of selecting the right technology from seemingly similar manufacturers off the customers, while ensuring the best possible fit for their specific storage needs.

  • Compute Infrastructure

    CBTS offers complete server and rack-level hardware solutions encompassing both x86 and RISC environments.