Video Infrastructure

Video conferencing solutions to improve collaboration and save costs

Video Communication Solutions help you interact and collaborate with co-workers, business partners, and customers all over the world “in person”, at a moment's notice. Our enterprise video solutions deliver the most advanced virtual meeting experience possible, using innovative technologies from Cisco and Avaya.

Cisco Video Conferencing Solutions
Cisco TelePresence is an enterprise video collaboration solution that combines robust visual, audio and collaboration technologies to provide a unique "in-person" experience over a converged network. It transmits life-size, high-definition images and spatial discrete audio to bring users closer to the important people, places and events in their professional lives.

Designed for mid-market organizations, Cisco Unified Videoconferencing is a single application that is easy to set up and control. It can extend your video environment to anyone with a networked device. With fully interactive and streaming options, the desktop video is integrated with WebEx Meeting Center to provide more advanced video functionalities for your virtual meetings.

Avaya Scopia Video Conferencing Infrastructure
Avaya Scopia is a HD video conferencing infrastructure, designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers great scalability and easy interoperability with other standards-based video endpoints. The solutions include advanced room systems, and distributed desktop and mobile endpoints. You can invite anyone, anywhere, on any connected device including mobile devices, to participate in a scheduled or ad-hoc video call. 

Key Features and Benefits

Reduce travel time and cost

Increase employee productivity and job satisfaction by reducing travel and related costs.

Gain competitive edge

Expedite decision making to gain a competitive advantage.

Enhance communication

Improve communications and collaboration between employees and with customers, suppliers, and vendors.

One big value of CBTS is their knowledge about us. They understand our business and what our key initiatives are, what we are trying to do. They come back with customized solutions to the problem we are trying to solve.

Steve Hamilton, VP of IT Operations, Western & Southern Financial Group