Compute Infrastructure

Upgrade your computing technologies with minimal operational disruption

CBTS Compute Solutions provide your organization unmatched support throughout the entire procurement process from requirement assessment, to configuration, to ordering, delivery, and installation. A strong technical staff, proven experience and long-standing vendor partnerships ensure that CBTS can deliver high equipment acquisition value.

We offer complete server and rack-level hardware technology solutions, encompassing both x86 and RISC environments. With our solution, you can expect to upgrade your technology environment with minimal operational disruption and deliver more efficient computing resources.
Our end-to-end compute solutions from all leading technology manufacturers include Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM, and Oracle. 


Excellent support

Unmatched service and technical support

Premium partnerships

Top-level vendor partner certifications and proven expertise

Strong discounts

Full-service procurement with strong discounts via premium partnerships with leading technology manufacturers

Configuration center

A local configuration center ensuring proper configuration and technology fitness for purpose

Eliminating the need to research hardware and design was key to our decision to pitch CBTS to the ultimate decision makers. They (CBTS) did more than rise to the occasion. They surpassed it.

Kirk Wyckoff - Century Surety