Hosted Internet Security

First line of defense to thwart Internet security threats

CBTS Hosted Internet Security is a suite of cloud-based perimeter services to protect your business from Internet attacks. It is designed to complement CBTS dedicated Internet broadband service and protect your private business environment from harmful content and attacks originating from the Internet.
As a cloud service managed by CBTS security professionals, the Hosted Internet Security solution eliminates the requirement of a firewall appliance in your network. Your IT staff is freed from the costly and time-consuming administration of hardware, licenses, software updates and maintenance. A user administration portal and our 24/7 technical support team ensure complete control over your Internet security, without the burden of maintaining a legacy appliance.
CBTS Hosted Internet Security offers two base security packages with web-based administrative tools to enable as much or as little direct control as you would like to take on.

  • Firewall – Port blocking and state-full packet inspection
  • VPN – Secure remote access of SOHO devices authorized to access your private network

Key Features and Benefits

Monthly Utility Fee

The cloud-based utility service model allows you to preserve capital and pay a monthly fee for the security infrastructure and management services.

No management burden

As a hosted and managed solution, it frees your IT staff from daily management, allowing them to focus on other mission-critical initiatives.

Flexibility and Scalability

As a cloud service, it is on-demand and scales easily as your needs change.

Web Filtering

A catalog of undesirable web sites is analyzed, labeled and continuously updated to provide real-time protection from websites deemed harmful by your business.

Application Control

Enables your business to define and enforce policies for thousands of web-based applications. With an explosion of new apps being launched across the Internet, application control has become an essential security tool to protect your business from harmful content and bandwidth consumption.

Intrusion Protection Service (IPS)

Provides perimeter protection against harmful and organized cyber threats originating from the Internet. IPS will block known signature-based attacks targeted at your business.

One big value of CBTS is their knowledge about us. They understand our business and what our key initiatives are, what we are trying to do. They come back with customized solutions to the problem we are trying to solve.

Steve Hamilton, VP of IT Operations, Western & Southern Financial Group
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