Wireless Assessment

CBTS Wireless Assessments are targeted vulnerability assessments specific to wireless networks.

Wireless assessments are targeted vulnerability assessments specific to wireless networks. This assessment is performed at the customer’s location, and looks for weaknesses in wireless encryption and authentication, rogue access points, and misconfigured devices that could allow an intruder to access the network. Guest wireless networks can be examined to determine if client devices are effectively cordoned off from internal resources. Results can be provided in a Findings Brief or Full Report.

CBTS Reporting

CBTS provides a detailed, customized report for our engagements. We provide a concise report that focuses on the actionable findings that are prioritized by severity along with associated recommendations for improvement. Every CBTS Information Security report contains the technical detail for Operations to understand and remediate plus a high level executive summary to effectively communicate the results to leadership. With CBTS security, you will have experts available to discuss all areas addressed and the specifics of each finding with you and your team to ensure you get the most out of our collaborative effort.

CBTS works on being our "partner" - going out their way to be accommodating to all of our requests.  They’re always available to work with our management and technical teams to answer their questions. Their security assessments are developed for both management as well as technical teams. The detailed recommendations are extremely valuable as well.

Rick Grubbs - Sr. Director, Managed Cloud, itelligence