Long Distance

Competitively priced long distance services from a single provider

CBTS offers businesses the convenience of a single service provider for long distance services, international calling plans and international toll-free service. We offer competitive pricing, combined billing and local technical support for businesses of all sizes. These long distance services include:

Business Basic Plans
You can make calls any time, to anywhere in the U.S. with a minimum usage fee, for a flat per-minute rate.  Incoming domestic calls are billed a separate per-minute rate.  No contract is required. 
AnyTime Plans
For one price, you can choose a package that includes the right amount of minutes your business needs each month.  No contract or minimum commitment is required.

Switched Plans
You pick the level of monthly long distance usage.  The more you commit to spending each month, the lower the rate.

AnyDistance Direct
You pay a monthly fee for a T1 (or Loop) that is dedicated just to your long distance calls and in return, receive extremely low rates.

International Plans
You can choose from multiple international calling plans, including international toll-free service, charged with a per-minute rate.

Key Features and Benefits

Competitive rates

CBTS offers customizable plans with combined billing options and competitive rates including guaranteed rates for term plans.

Convenient local support

You have the convenience of a single service provider with local support.

Peace of mind

You have peace of mind with options such as Account Codes, Domestic & International Toll Blocks as well as fraud protection.

National and international services

CBTS can provide national and international toll-free numbers as well as domestic toll-free enhanced services, with fraud protection option.

They have quality personnel, great pricing, and they bring top quality solutions to the table.

Darren Thomas, Sr. Director of IT Operations, Resurgent Capital/Sherman Financial Group