Trunking Services

Affordable, high-capacity data transport service to improve network efficiency

CBTS Prime Advantage Trunking Service is a high-capacity switched digital access service that offers 23 digital voice channels and a separate D channel for caller ID— all on a single pipe.  Using Primary Rate Interface (PRI) technology, this service sets the standard for business communications technology, improving network management and efficiency. This product features:

  • Clearer connections
  • Less maintenance problems than analog
  • Priority treatment in repair situations
  • Simpler interfaces to computer applications
  • Speed, quality, and flexibility

Key Features and Benefits

Reduced costs

Achieve higher efficiencies and lower costs by consolidating PBX and networking services.


Transport voice over a single pipe that also provides access to network services available from other carriers.

Reduced hardware requirements

Reduce hardware needs by consolidating 23 channels into a single DS1 circuit card in the PBX or other communications server.

They have quality personnel, great pricing, and they bring top quality solutions to the table.

Darren Thomas, Sr. Director of IT Operations, Resurgent Capital/Sherman Financial Group