Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet access to support the most critical functions

Delivered over our optical-enabled IP backbone, the Dedicated Internet Access Solution provides high performance over fully redundant core architectures. Our network sets a new standard for network capabilities, with the capacity to transmit the most bandwidth-intensive applications at virtually the speed of light. 

We offer a wide range of dedicated Internet products to fit your unique business needs, with bandwidth up to 10 Gb. These products provide always-on, fast and reliable connectivity to support your application needs, including:

  • Multiple, simultaneous users of Internet applications
  • High-performance routing of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) transfers
  • Ability to transmit video, audio and image files
  • Real-time video conferencing and Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Hosting and content delivery
  • E-commerce capabilities to bring your business closer to your customers, suppliers and employees

Key Features and Benefits

High Performance

Our hierarchical network design minimizes network hop-counts and produces a network that is very easy to maintain.

Powerful Peering

We provide a unique blend of backbone peering and direct access to over 25 web content providers to maximize network efficiency, and greatly reduce hop-counts and service latency.

Exceptional Service

Our proactive circuit management and industry-leading Managed Network Services provide our customers with real-time monitoring and service management.

High Availability

We achieved an average availability of 99.999% in the past 10 years.

They have quality personnel, great pricing, and they bring top quality solutions to the table.

Darren Thomas, Sr. Director of IT Operations, Resurgent Capital/Sherman Financial Group