Network as a Service

Managed Cloud Network as a Service transforms business performance for modern technology demands

With wide adoption of streaming applications and cloud-based services, your business can’t keep up with the changing business needs and drivers using MPLS. You need a more robust, reliable and secure network to grow. Network as a Service from CBTS supports your operational needs, reduces your costs and removes the management burden.

Built on Cisco Meraki technology, this solution includes auto VPN, security, switching, and Wi-Fi. It’s fully managed by our certified engineers 24x7x365 and delivered to our customers as a service. You pay a simple, predictable monthly price for equipment and support.

This solution offers many customer benefits including:

Significant cost savings

  • Eliminates capital investment into expensive network equipment
  • Allows you to pay a monthly fee for equipment and management
  • Offers same reliability and security but better performance than MPLS, at a lower cost
  • Ends technology obsolescence by building hardware refresh in the solution lifecycle
No deployment and management burden
  • We deploy the network on your WAN faster and more efficiently
  • Our certified experts manage and support your network 24x7x365
  • You can use the web-based dashboard for reporting and analytics
Improve operational efficiencies
  • VPN access to your private network from anywhere on any device
  • Easy scalability to meet your growth in both bandwidth and locations

Key Features and Benefits

Auto VPN

Connect over any Internet connectivity including broadband, create a virtual private wide area network (WAN) over any connection and enhance real-time applications’ performance

Centralized Web Dashboard

View important management matrix from a web-based dashboard

Enterprise-Class Service

Dual uplink support, cellular failover, and datacenter high availability ensure your access to mission-critical assets anytime, anywhere

Automatic Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor network infrastructure and get alerts automatically

Control Applications, Users, and Devices

Search for users by device type (PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) and monitor client or organization application usage

It is very important that your vendor partner understands your timelines and deadlines, understands that unplanned downtime is not an option, and is willing to help you meet those business expectations. CBTS did that for us.

William J. McCaster II, Assistant V.P. IS Services, Ohio National Financial Services