Information Security

An end-to-end security strategy to provide a safe learning environment

Universities and K-12 schools are required to provide rich e-learning resources, while securing their environment and protecting students’ personal information. The education IT environment has never been so complex and vulnerable with the requirement to support multiple applications and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) initiatives today.
CBTS partners with leading security and network manufactuers to provide cutting-edge security hardware and software technology solutions.Our security experts also offer penetration tests, environment or application assessments, and security strategy consulting to ensure that your organization is striking the right balance between securing your environment and providing services effectively. With end-to-end security solutions from CBTS, you will have an effective security program to ensure that:

  • Student and staff data remains private
  • Intellectual and technology properties are secured
  • Staff, teachers, students, parents and alumni have access to your digital services and online resources that are critical for communication and learning

Security solutions from one vendor

Protect your campus or school district with end-to-end security technologies from a single service provider.

Reduce liabilities

Secure your staff and students’ private information and reduce liabilities.

Selecting an outsourcing partner was a critically important decision to Nielsen… CBTS has demonstrated every attribute we were looking for in a partner. You can call it the three Cs – Capability, Commitment, and Cost.

Mitchell Habib - VP, Nielsen