Enhance customer experience and protect customer data

The financial industry today is facing customers that demand safe and real-time services, as well as regulating bodies that require tougher compliance. CBTS delivers flexible, secure, and on-demand communications and IT solutions to help financial institutions gain a competitive edge, generate revenues, and meet the industry compliance requirements.   

CBTS offers customer-focused unified communications and mobile solutions that help execute your online banking and communication strategy. Our storage and backup solutions can be delivered as a cloud service to address your big data and business continuity needs. With the CBTS Advanced Cyber Security solution, your organization can rest assured that your environment and customer data are protected and defended. 

Our Financial Solutions:

IT Security 
CBTS partners with leading security and network manufactuers to provide cutting-edge security hardware and software technology solutions.Our security experts also offer penetration tests, environment or application assessments, and security strategy consulting to ensure that your organization is striking the right balance between securing your environment and providing services effectively. 

Big Data  
CBTS Storage as a Service (StaaS) helps the financial institutions address their growing data challenge. As an on-demand cloud storage solution, StaaS offers a scalable storage infrastructure that meets operational efficiency and customer data security requirements. Our data warehousing solution consolidates your data from disparate sources into a central repository, making it easier to generate trending reports and customer intelligence.

Unified Communications 
CBTS UC Solutions for financial institutions include VoIP, call center, voicemail, instant messaging, video, and web conferencing. These applications allow you to deliver a fully coordinated, real-time customer service experience, as well as connect your offices and employees anytime, anywhere. 

Mobility (BYOD) 
Mobility Solutions from CBTS enable your network and environment to support multiple devices and platforms, while protecting your customers’ financial data. Our high-capacity Managed Wi-Fi Solution is built for multi-media services with a high level of scalability and security. 

Business Continuity  
The CBTS Backup as a Service offers a disaster recovery and business continuity strategy that is critical to the operation of any financial organization. As a cloud backup solution, it ensures that your operation is up and running 24/7 and your data is safely replicated in an enterprise-grade data center, ready to be retrieved when you need it most.

The CBTS Data Connectivity Services, enterprise Networking Solutions, and Managed Wi-Fi Service help your institution to improve productivity and maximize efficiency. We can work with you to build a reliable and redundant network infrastructure that allows you to deliver high-quality customer service and protect critical transactions 24/7.