Communications as a Service (Emerge)

Replace your legacy phone system with a cloud communications service

Municipalities and agencies of all sizes know from experience that old equipment is unproductive and outdated to meet their communications needs in today’s fast-paced world. CBTS is leading government communications into the future with Emerge, a scalable, cloud-based, fully managed VoIP solution. Emerge provides rich features including:

  • Robust call center functionality
  • Call recording service
  • Dynamic bandwidth
  • Multiple rate centers and virtual numbers
  • Web-based control
  • Disaster recovery capabilities

Consolidate communications platform

Emerge allows you to connect all agencies, departments and employees on the simple platform so they can be reached anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate capital outlay

You can eliminate large capital expenses and pay a monthly fee for on-demand, scalable unified communications capacities.

End technology obsolescence

As a cloud service, Emerge offers protection against obsolescence of your communications technology, with continuous software and hardware upgrades.

Access proactive support

CBTS offers one point of contact and a support team that reacts quickly when you need assistance.

Selecting an outsourcing partner was a critically important decision to Nielsen… CBTS has demonstrated every attribute we were looking for in a partner. You can call it the three Cs – Capability, Commitment, and Cost.

Mitchell Habib - VP, Nielsen