NGTS for Ohio

Transform your communications platform

Next-generation Telephony Service (NGTS) is a centrally managed, cloud-based telephony solution for all public agencies and schools in the State of Ohio. NGTS sets a new standard for voice communications, bringing agencies and school districts into the mainstream of IP telephony. 

The state-of-the-art service puts you in complete control of your communications platform by enabling you to bring new capacity on line and on demand, only when you need it.

NGTS utilizes Ohio's existing data infrastructure to transmit voice signals. This integrates two separate networks (voice and data) into one, reducing maintenance costs and streamlining communications.


NGTS voice communication adheres to all state security standards, and is delivered through a private cloud with enterprise-grade security.

End of technology obsolescence

NGTS’s formula is future-proof with automatic equipment upgrades and immediate access to the latest technology.

The gold standard

NGTS is a complete package with cost savings, customer service, productivity, and peace of mind.

Innovative alliance

NGTS is a collaborative solution between OARnet, Cisco, and CBTS, supported by the State of Ohio.

Reduced costs

Pay a monthly charge for equipment and management services with this cloud-based utility service, eliminating upfront capital outlay and management burden. Pay only for the capacities and services used. There is no usage cost for calls between NGTS users.

Simple to use

NGTS allows Ohio public schools and government agencies to stay on one advanced and integrated communications platform. Deploy capacities on-demand through an easy-to-use web portal.

Selecting an outsourcing partner was a critically important decision to Nielsen… CBTS has demonstrated every attribute we were looking for in a partner. You can call it the three Cs – Capability, Commitment, and Cost.

Mitchell Habib - VP, Nielsen