Networking Solutions

Lead your agencies into a digitally connected future

CBTS Networking Solutions enable you to adopt digital government initiatives. With our innovative networking solutions, you can cost effectively provide new, secure, and ubiquitous services to your online constituents. 

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of networking solutions from all major network equipment manufacturers including Cisco, Juniper and Avaya.  We design and implement a custom networking solution with features to address your specific needs:

  • High security across your entire network environment including wired and wireless LANs, and private and guest networks
  • Flexible capacities to accommodate changing needs in terms of the number of users and devices
  • High resiliency and high performance to provide always-on availability, redundancy, and failover mechanisms

Selected partner

CBTS has been a selected networking technology partner for state government in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, as well as numerous local government agencies and municipalities.

Expert knowledge

CBTS understands the government IT environments and user expectations.

Unparalleled experience

We have more than 140 years of service experience with government at all levels.

Certified engineers

CBTS offers hundreds of certified network engineers that provide unparalleled technical expertise and value-added services, including design, build, and run.

Selecting an outsourcing partner was a critically important decision to Nielsen… CBTS has demonstrated every attribute we were looking for in a partner. You can call it the three Cs – Capability, Commitment, and Cost.

Mitchell Habib - VP, Nielsen