Streamline operations and deliver exceptional shopping experiences

Retail businesses face the challenges of establishing an efficient merchandizing and supply network, delivering a seamless digital shopping experience, and protecting sensitive customer data. To gain a competitive edge, you need to leverage technology to eliminate waste, understand your customers, adapt to fast-moving market trends, and maintain customer loyalty.
CBTS offers end-to-end IT and communications solutions to help your retail business streamline your operation, manage customer and supplier relationships, and discover strategy-driven intelligence from your big data. We work with some of the largest retailers in the country to deliver exceptional customer experiences by providing secure IT infrastructures to support their regional and national operations. 

Our Retail Solutions:
Unified Communications
Our Unified Communications (UC) solutions allow you to connect your stores and stay in touch with your suppliers, customers, and employees in real-time on an integrated VoIP, call center, audio/video/web conferencing, and messaging platform. These solutions, with social applications, help you communicate with your customers on any device, anytime, anywhere, enhancing your customers’ shopping and service experience. You can also adjust your business strategy quickly based on customer behavior and trend analytics that are readily available from the UC platform.
Cyber Security
As a retail operation, you must store a huge amount of highly sensitive consumer identity and financial information, which makes your organization a prime target for cyber attacks. You can rely on CBTS for your security needs. We partner with leading security and network technology manufacturers to offer cutting-edge hardware and software technologies. Our certified security experts also provide penetration tests, environment or application assessments, and security strategy consulting to ensure that your organization is striking the right balance between securing your environment and optimizing your operation. 
Cloud and Managed Services
CBTS Cloud and Managed Services help transform your operation from a CapEx model into an OpEx model. We provide your business with access to utility computing infrastructures and IT management. Our on-demand, scalable virtual infrastructures, including communications, compute, storage, and backup, allow you to achieve operational excellence with a monthly utility charge.
CBTS offers networking solutions, including data center routing and switching, edge/branch routing and switching, managed Wi-Fi, and network security. These solutions help you implement an integrated network strategy. With our networking solutions, you can connect your stores and share information over a secure and high-performance network, improving employee collaboration and operational efficiency. Our managed Wi-Fi service allows you to enhance your customers’ in-store experience and shopper loyalty.
Professional Services
CBTS offers IT professional services across the entire IT spectrum, including engineering and installation, application development, and IT staffing. We maintain a deep bench of certified technical resources to help you with long-term and short-term project-based work. This flexible staffing approach allows you to utilize the best industry practices and best-of-breed IT professionals, while reducing the overhead and employee management burden.