Increase My Bandwidth and Expand My Network

Deliver business-critical content with guaranteed quality of service

The integrity and availability of networks and communications platforms determines your ability to deliver mission-critical content and your business competitiveness in today’s global economy. CBTS Data Connectivity and Unified Communications solutions help transform your business operation by connecting your employees, customers, and business partners anytime, anywhere. We enable you to:

  • Connect all your locations via Ethernet or Fiber with guaranteed QoS
  • Implement a Wide Area Network (WAN) to provide custom voice, video, and Internet with QoS
  • Offer robust and secure Wi-Fi to employees and guests
  • Deploy a Unified Communications solution on premises or in the cloud
  • Access a Fiber-based, high-capacity Internet connection
  • Provide a fully managed high-speed IP VPN / MPLS network, supported by a dedicated local 24/7 technical team with full web-based reporting