Optimize Technology Infrastructure with Managed Services

Keep your operational systems up and running 24 x7, while allowing your IT staff to focus on mission-critical initiatives

Information technology (IT) systems are expected to meet high standards of operation and deliver availability, security, and performance 24/7. In today’s environment, your IT department has to keep up with the constant changes in technologies, operation requirements, and pressure to deliver competitive IT functionalities and services. 

CBTS Managed Services remove the day-to-day infrastructure monitoring and management responsibilities from your IT resources. We focus on delivering optimum IT operation with our unique assets. These assets include our outstanding engineering staff, state-of-the-art Enterprise Network Operations Center (ENOC), an all-optical network, and leading-edge management tools and processes. Partnering with CBTS, you can ensure that your IT and communications environments and applications are supported by SLA-based managed services, while allowing your IT staff to focus on other business-critical initiatives.